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What is a Model? 

Models are individuals used to endorse products for brands or companies (i.e. a fashion model) or help with the illustration of one’s creative vision (i.e. posing for a photographer). 

Traditionally, the most desirable models were those over 5’ 8” with slender figures and classical facial features (for women) and at least 5’ 11” with a handsome face and muscular physique (for men). While these qualifications specifically dealt with those walking the runway and pictured on magazine covers, the industry rarely swayed from these characteristics. 

In today’s world, however, more and more brands are focusing on showcasing the everyday man and woman. This growing desire for relatable models serves as the backbone of what Conquest Modelling stands for.

What do we provide?


New Talent Management Agency

The list of modelling agencies throughout the world is longer than ever before. What makes Conquest Modelling unique is our passion to represent models previously overlooked within the industry. We pride ourselves in our ability of showing our models how to utilise their talents, strengths and personalities to break into the fashion and film industry.

Additionally, unlike other agencies, Conquest Modelling also focuses on establishing new models within the influencer sector. With the growth of brands more heavily promoting themselves on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, influencers have become an instrumental part of fashion. Conquest Modelling helps new models build the skills needed to excel in this area of the industry. 


Conquest Modelling’s services are ideal for individuals looking to establish themselves within fashion and film. Our network of leading photographers, designers and casting directors gives us the opportunity to easily immerse our models within the industry.  

For brands and companies, hiring models who aren’t backed by an agency can be an unnecessary struggle as many are unreliable, unprofessional and underprepared. Our meticulous selection process results in Conquest Modelling’s clients having a diverse range of professional models and actors to choose from. We understand our clients’ needs and ensure the models we send are the best fit for the job. 

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More Information coming soon..

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